6300 Edgewater Drive, Erie, MI 48133

About The Owners

A little about the Owners.

Bill is from the local area right here in Point Place. His grandmother’s home on 146 st. is among the oldest in the point. It, with a couple of others stood here when there was nothing more than an orchid that enjoyed the seasonal floods from the lake, and lagoon that once separated the Point. Bill attended Edgewater school, and later Mason Consolidated when his parents moved to Erie, Michigan. He learned to repair anything that moves by working on lawnmowers to over the road trucks that his family often had. At fourteen years old Bill was looking for a set of points for an antiquated mercury “dock banger” when he met John Fisher of Fishers Marine. Mr. Fisher Sr. offered Bill a job and he worked there seasonally for several years becoming friends with the entire family. Bill left the area for Texas with his truck, and a toolbox to “make his mark” and bought a house within two weeks of arriving. Bill started working in the refinery / chemical industry as a welder / pipe fitter. This allowed him to travel to a new location every couple of months and see the country.  While working a job in West Virginia he met his Bride Jill……

Jill is originally from the mountains of the beautiful state of West Virginia where she grew up surrounded by friends, and family including her two wonderful parents Macel, and Charles. Jill’s Dad says she has always had “itchy feet” ready for traveling. It is those “itchy feet” that helped kick start Jill in her career working in the hotel industry. She has worked at several properties the most notable being the Radisson on Grand Cayman. Jill spent nearly three years in the Cayman Islands before returning to mountains of West Virginia and found here Groom Bill…..

Bill & Jill met and she could barely resist him (yea right!). Anyway after a year or so they wed and from that time they have not stopped. Two weeks later they broke ground on their home in West Virginia. They personally tied the rebar, laid the block, stood the walls up and nailed the shingles on (her family often was there to help as well). As soon as there home was done they hit the road and started working in the Caribbean on the island of St. Croix at Hovensa, one of the nations largest oil refinery’s. Using St. Croix as a base they have traveled all over the world and love to immerse and experience various cultures.

 Bill & Jill enjoy a multitude of hobbies with their two children including traveling, Sailing, Scuba Diving, and Flying. Bill has extensive knowledge of boat building techniques and has personally built boats, and airplanes. If they are not working, building, or remodeling something you can most likely find them on their boat Pegasus with friends. They are both regular people very excited about purchasing the Marina, and are looking forward to meeting everybody!

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